About Me

Hi! Thanks for checking out the blog. I’m Tom and I write about gambling, travel, programming and more. 

My Background

In 2016 I discovered it was possible to make money from gambling with zero risk, otherwise known as arbitrage betting. I became obsessed, as previously I had the (common) belief that gambling was for fools.

A friend and I began exploring other ways to make money gambling, and it snowballed from there. 

In 2017, with some money I’d saved up from the betting I decided to move to Thailand.

A monk & I during my first week in Thailand

Here I taught myself to code, with the goal of launching a gambling marketplace where people could track, buy and sell different betting strategies.

After a lot of banging my head against the wall, I managed to hack together a working version of the site. It was brilliant and I was very proud.

Screenshot of the home page.

After excitedly launching the site, reality came crashing down on me.

No-one was using the site, AND I was spending hours a day fixing bugs in order to keep the site functioning.

It wasn’t working out, after six months I made the hard (and relieving) decision to shut the site down.

After that mega failure I tried all sorts of new projects, including but not limited to;

  • Building an automated betting bot (it messed up & lost all my money)
  • Freelance web development
  • Building another automated betting bot (it also messed up & lost all my money)
Instead of betting $10, my bot decided $2304 was a better idea – the bet lost 🤦

Through all these failures I’ve learnt a lot about programming. I now use this knowledge, combined with my betting experience to make predictions on sporting events by analysing thousands of data points across the internet.

I still live in Asia, moving between Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

What’s the blog about?

Through this blog, I want to write about and share;

  • How to stop giving your pay check to the bookies, and win some money back for yourself. 
  • How gambling has changed the way I live, and how to use these ideas to make better decisions. 
  • The many (often costly) lessons I’ve learnt through programming, and how to avoid them.
  • Why I live in Asia, and what it’s like living here as an expat. 

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